Safety Measures to Ensure You Have a Safe Travel in the Water

As summer time approaches many people go on sailing trips. Boats are very functional; they can pull over skis and water boards, used for fishing, speed contest, water sports racing and recreational cruising. Whether you are using a new one or a used vessel, there is always a potential risk that follows every activity. With low quality sailboats you may find trouble with the engine or the boats may leak and crack. This is the reason why you need to carefully choose the type of boat you will purchase according to your needs and preferences. To ensure the safety of the vessel however, authorities have set certain standards for your safety and will allow your boat to legally travel in the water.

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There are many available wellcraft boats for sale in the US whether you want to own or rent one you will have a variety of option for the sizes. You just need to find a reliable and trusted site to ensure that you can purchase the property legally. With the right dealer you will also know and understand the rules of the coast guard authorities and you will know if your boat needs additional safety equipment or you have it all. It is the duty of the coast guards to ensure the safety of the passengers of every moving vehicle in the water whether small, mid size or large wellcraft boats. Wellcraft offers a variety of options when it comes to boat so that you can personalize your purchase. However, whichever boat you want you still need to follow a standard enabling you to sail safely and legally.

Smaller Boats

The rules and regulations set up for boats may differ depending on the sizes of the vessel. Those that own a boat measuring lower than sixteen feet must strictly follow certain rules such as obtaining a state of registration aboard or a certificate of number which is also applicable to other sizes. This will determine you legal activity on the water using the boat. Your vessel must also include life jackets for every person occupying the boat which must be approved by the coast guards. The vessel must also have an electronically operated distress light.

Mid-sized boats

Boats operated in an open sea with a size larger than sixteen feet may also have separate rules. If toilet is available in the vessel it must be operable. The navigation light is required to be displayed throughout the night. The owner of the boat must ensure that a fire extinguisher is available especially if the boat has a permanent fuel tank or has enclosed compartments where engine fuel is stored.

Larger boats

Larger boats that have a length of less than forty feet, with enclosed fuel tank compartments must have natural ventilation. It should also obtain an exhaust blower. The navigation lights should be on after sunset to sunrise when sailing.

All types of boats are also required to have safety equipment such as personal floatation devices, cold water and abandon ship gears, lifeboats or life rafts, firefighting equipment and man on board facilities. Personal flotation devices are the individual’s safety kit if in any case the boat sinks. The cold water survival suit that sometimes resemble as a cartoon character must be available in the boat. Lifeboats are also safety measure to save people in case of fire and other possible danger.

Electronic devices must be also available in the vessel including a radio system which will directly contact the US coast guard in case of an emergency. Buying a personal vessel whether for business or personal use must follow the rules and regulation set by the authorities to keep the passengers on board safety.

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