Sardinia and Corsica sailing adventure

Sardinia Italy with its long coast, beautiful nature and various sandy beaches isthe largest island in the Mediterranean. Enjoy the sunlight, and a blowing temperate wind. Theweather is warm for activities and you can spend time practicing sailing, yachting, horseback riding and skiing in winter. As well as Corsica, along with the interesting climate and the accessibility of natural and artificial port-sand, some modern edifices for a very singular holiday to appreciate a Corsicayacht charter.

Sardinia Italy - Sardinia and Corsica sailing adventure

You can find various activities, great nature and lovely background decorated with a beautiful coastline, mountainous landscape. Likewise, there is such a satisfactory cuisine. One of the biggest island of the Mediterranean with its charming nature named “Beauty of Island”. It is positioned at the center of Mare Nostrum and luxury yacht charters explore easily some landscapes like the important beaches of Sicily, breathtaking vistas and elegant entertainment holidays. Its natural resources are gorgeous andinteresting. There is a moderately vacant soil, more opulent vegetation, pebbly shores, and white sands.

Discover the two new Mediterranean paradise Italian Sardinia and French Corsica

There are many reasons to justify the beauty of Sardinia and Corsica. You can choose from numerous places such as Bonifacio, Porto Verchio, Ajaccio,Calvi,Bastia, Girolata in Corsica as well as in Sardinia like Porto Torres, Porto Cervo, La Caletta,Oristano and Porto Ponte Romano. The strait of Bonifacio, a narrow stretch water separate these twoIslands .Visiting villas in Corsica gives you the opportunity of practicing many activities like windsurf boards and kite-surfing boardsthat enable you to enjoy the benefit from the sea. Corsica is cherished by many gorgeous attractions that make it reputable on the Mediterranean Sea. Moreover, it provides an important safety of development and tourism with its charming nature properties like crescent-shaped, sandy beaches, sharp mountain ranges. Bonifacio is an active tourist town with many shops and restaurants.Sardinia’s coastline is also an ultimate destination with numerous private coves and evidently, there are plenty of activities to enjoy like visiting towns and villages, relaxing, swimming, diving, and snorkeling. Besides, Porto Cervo is another attractive town with an exceptionally modern Marina complex boutiques, cafes and waterfront bars. Its variety from dunes to deep emerald coves and intense cliff specifies the coastline. As for the hotels, le Dune Sardinia Italy is one of the best hotels and is ready to serve clients a satisfactory service with the modest rooms which are calm and well-equipped. The bar and restaurant are dreamily adequate, public areas are airy.

Luxury Yacht - Sardinia and Corsica sailing adventure

Luxury yacht rental Corsica

Corsica remains exceptional with its affected and irregular landscape, culture and cuisine. Situated in the Med settled between the South of France and Sardinia, as a common island and part of the journey of several yachts on the French Riviera. Obviously, it attracts many visitors and remains a perfect destination for numerous yachts which centered on the French Riviera. It grouped motor yachts. Visitors can spend time together by practicing many activities and amusing on board. Yacht rental in Corsica will give you a great opportunity to enjoy its nature by discovering this spectacular French island in the Mediterranean Sea. You can choose your luxury sailing vacation like the magnificent town Calvi in the northwest, the old port in north Bastia, the west coast with its lively nature white sand beaches, and the famous line in the mountains. The luxury Yacht rental in Corsica simplifies the exploration of the wonderful French island.You will discover the capital city of Corsica and the birthplace of Napoléon Bonaparte Ajaccio situated just approximately there. Spending the time with classic yacht charter Corsica make visitors enjoy the occasion to appreciate the modern and classic sailing yachts. Additionally, the luxury Yacht rental in Corsica simplifies the exploration of the wonderful French island.You will discover the capital city of Corsica and the birthplace of Napoléon Bonaparte Ajaccio situated just approximately there.As it helps you to explore their extensive deck spaces, luxurious services and onboard stars their harbors. So if you’re looking for a state of the art charter yacht, it is better to choose luxury yacht rental Corsica.


Talking about adventures, we focus on beaches and all main activities that we can take part. There are different actions in the water as we know as Mediterranean watersports like scuba diving, kayaking, windsurfing, sailboarding, jet surfing, sailing,and canoeing.If you think of adventure you intend to profit your time with leisure and pleasure and create a successful practice of sports in water. In Corsica and in Sardinia, we can find out plenty of opportunities to experience yachts. It gratifies Mediterranean coast of the French Rivera assured to stimulate the novice and to motivate visitors. In other words, choosing Corsica and Sardinia as a destination to spend holiday incite an infinite chance of adventure.

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