Sea Side Savories

Thank God for the food and for the hands that prepared it and also for the ocean. Beaches are the most beautiful and serene places on earth. The best example of the abundance might and grandeur of Mother Nature is the beach. Chilling out on the beach side is the best way to recharge before a highly engaging work schedule. If you have a nice beach in your city you can count yourself as lucky. If not there is nothing to worry as there are countless exotic beaches on many new thinly populated islands all over the world.

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Setting out on a beach requires a little preparation. Sun screen lotions, sprays and sun glasses are must haves. Eating the right kind of food is very important in every place we go. This will let you feel fresh and energized to enjoy in the place you are enjoying your vacation. In the beaches you need to keep drinking gallons of water as the sun dehydrates you very easily on the beach sides. Also it is good to avoid oily and deep fried food items because these things may not suit the extremely hot and sunny temperatures.

Puerto Rico offers onion and garlic pasted alcapurrias, ground yucca and crab meat and they are all hot and fresh from small beach side stands. Seafood bistros are just as famous as the beach in Cancale on the French coast. Oysters at a cost of one euro are tangy and they come with seasoned butter and chilled muscadet. Acarajes in Brazil sells bright red, small sun dried shrimp, spicy sauces made with nuts and hot pepper sauce, black eyed peas fried in dende oil, okra gumbo and coconut milk. You can also enjoy seeing the stalls prepare these local delicacies in the outside kitchen.

Maui in Hawaii serves steaming hot, fresh and some of the largest tacos of the world. When we say large tacos it is very true as each taco is as long as a woman’s fore arm. Other favorites here are the flaky mahi mahi, pearly buttered ono, salsa and sour creamy sauce, two corn tortillas. San Diego sells the best bacon double cheese burger and the triple threat combines the American, Swiss and cheddar varieties. It is recommended to take the burgers to go rather than sit and have it in the restaurants which are mostly crowded. Start your trip to a nearby beach right away and enjoy!!!

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