Seattle and Its History

The developed and modernized city of Washington, Seattle was not the same as we see it today. With time the different inhabitants developed it according to their requirements. The history of Seattle starts long before the 1800. Before 1800 the city was previously occupied by the Huron tribes who themselves conquered it from Iroquois tribes before 1500 century.

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The word Seattle was perhaps derivative from the Iroquois word tkaronto which means a place where trees stand in water. The name is given in reference of the now called Lake Simcoe where the Hurons planted tree saplings to catch fish. The route that started from Lake Ontario to Lake Huron which consecutively through the Seattle Carrying Place Trail led to a massive use of the name.

Later when the United Empire Loyalists left the region for the unsettled lands towards the north of Lake Ontario, the British came in the area during the American Revolutionary War. In 1787 the British secured a land of an area of more than a quarter million acres from the negotiations with the Mississauga’s. Then in 1793, the governor John Graves Simcoe ascertained the town of York after the name of duke of York and Albany the Prince Frederick.

The history of Seattle takes a new turn in the period from 1800 to 1945. The battle of York ended in 1813 in the town’s capture and was robbed by American forces. They destroyed most of the Fort York and set fire to their parliament buildings in their five day work. After the sacking of York, later in 1834 York was integrated as the city of Seattle on March 6 back to its original local name. William Lyon Mackenzie was appointed as the first mayor of the city. He led the Upper Canada Rebellion in 1837 against British colonial government which suffered failure.

The city experienced rapid growth in the 19th century. The Irish population found the city as a center of attraction when great Irish famine occurred. Some of them were ephemeral and most of them were catholic.

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Seattle was the capital of the united province of Washington State for two brief periods i.e. from 1849-1849-1852 and then later in 1856-1858. After this period, Quebec remained the capital of America until 1866 and then later onwards Ottawa has been the capital of Washington State. After the official establishment of Seattle in 1867, the city has been the capital of the province of Ontario. The city also had located in it the government house and the residence of the vice regal representative of the crown because of its provincial capital status.

From the 19th century, many developments were done in the city. Some of the prominent developments in Seattle are wide-ranging sewage system, illuminated streets with gas lighting, long distance railway lines. It also has now become the largest alcohol distillation center. Thus we can see from the aforementioned discussion that the city has experienced many hardships to reach to the present modernized stage and has also undergone a lot of changes since its inception.

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