Seven Cities to Live in Before You Turn Thirty

Your twenties are often a time when you have the most freedom to explore and live on your terms before settling down. As a single adult in the United States you have probably already explored the city closest to home, but don’t forget there are still many more out there you haven’t visited yet. Each of the seven cities listed in this article are great places to live out your twenties to the fullest.

Austin Texas

Austin, Texas

Austin’s city slogan isn’t “Keep Austin Weird” for nothing! The capital of the Lone Star State is one of the most unique cities in the nation. Known for its local music and amazing Tex-Mex, Austin is a great location to “get weird” in your twenties.

Atlanta, Georgia

For music, art, and food lovers, Atlanta is the place to be. You can spend your time at many different cultural attractions, restaurants, and the clubs and bars that make up the city’s vibrant nightlife.

Seattle, Washington

Seattle is the jewel of the Pacific Northwest. The climate is perfect, the scenery beautiful, and the coffee amazing. Musicians, foodies, and artists alike will find much to love in Seattle. Once you’ve visited the Emerald City, you won’t want to leave.

Portland Oregon

Portland, Oregon

Portland ranks at #8 on the list of most popular American cities, and there’s a reason why! Portland’s youthful and artsy culture makes it a perfect place for people to spend some wild years in their twenties. Known as the karaoke capital of America, amateur and professional musicians alike will thrive in Portland.

Tucson, Arizona

Tucson is home to the rowdy University of Arizona, which means college town shenanigans are available for everyone to enjoy. Tucson is also home to several cultural attractions, festivals, and countless restaurants. Plus, it’s always bikini weather in Tucson.

Little Rock, Arkansas

Little Rock, like Tucson, is another fun college town. Little Rock is also home to several museums, theaters, and other historic cultural buildings. Living in Little Rock is also very affordable, which is a plus for any young adult making it on their own!

Salt Lake City

Salt Lake City, Utah

Nicknamed the Crossroads of the West, there’s always a lot to do in Salt Lake City! There are many different housing options available, from sleek condos, to historic 19th century shared homes in the avenues, this city has it all. It is also the industrial banking center of the United States making a great place to find work.

Every one of these cities is a great option for anyone in their twenties. Remember, now is the time to live it up. Establishing yourself in one of these places is a great way to get the most out of your single adult life!

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