Seven Must-Have Things In Man’s Backpack For Travelling

When we prepare for travelling, we all forget some really necessary things! Check out the list of seven must-have things in each man’s backpack for travelling from the best stylist in NYC.

Man Backpack - Seven Must-Have Things In Man’s Backpack For Travelling

#1 Socks

Yeah dude, socks is at the top of our list. It is a thing with which you shouldn’t joke. Before going to the airport you should totally buy 10-15 pairs of new socks. You will never regret about it during your vacation. 

#2 Condoms

Protection is our everything. You will never know where life can bring you, and what you will drink this evening. Maybe it will be absent, which provokes memory loss, but if you won’t remember with who you were, at least you will be sure that you were protected on 100%.

#3 Wet napkins

Please, don’t ask why – will thank me later.

#4 Candies

You still don’t understand why? For the first, candies can help you to survive through the 11 hours flight (all we know that all the products proposed in the planes are tasteless), for the second, lollypopz prevents sickness and for the third, you can give a treat to a beautiful girl next to your sit in a plane. Doesn’t it a smart decision to take candies?

#5 Thermo Mug

The really super thing! You can make a tea and coffee, and they will always be hot. You can fill it with water or your favorite juice, and they will be cool. Isn’t it amazing? Moreover, you can make a soup in your thermo mug. Yeap, the best invention ever!

#6 Care products

Yes, all we know that men can survive without hair and skin care products, but, anyway, take a little bottle of your daily shampoo in your backpack. You will never know where you will be tomorrow, maybe in a cool hotel room with a gorgeous girl, or maybe in a cabin in a forest. Be ready for everything!

#7 A charger

Nowadays, cell phones are something like our right hand. You should totally don’t forget to take a charger in your backpack and stay on the connection all the time. Remember about your granny, she always worries!

“Don’t forget about the main aim of any trip – it’s just to have a nice rest and chill” – says top specialist at the best barber shop NYC.

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