Seven Safety Tips & Advices When Travelling to Dubai

Everyone nowadays wants to visit Dubai since it emerged as a remarkable tourist spot. The stunning blend of nature and technology makes the city, apple of an eye. Whether visiting the golden beaches, exploring the dunes or simply striding around to know the culture, all activities are packed with fun and joy. Travelling to Dubai isn’t difficult but to make your trip more safe and rewarding, be sure to check the tips mentioned below.

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  1. Getting Health Insurance is a Must

When travelling off-coast like Dubai for instance, health companies won’t cover up for your insurance hence it’s mandatory to get registered with one in your own state. In-case of a mishap or any fatal injury, proper medication and treatment may initiate in Dubai but having health insurance from your own company will speed the process.

  1. Visa Requirements

Visa requisites differ from one country to other so do ask a local travel agent about necessary details. A few countries allow entering UAE region, possessing only a visit visa while procedure for others might be more complicated. Browse through internet for more intrinsic information about travel in Dubai.

  1. Driving Legalities

You can easily find a dozen public transports in Dubai however when planning to self drive, you’ll need an international driver’s license. Even if you own a residence in the city, having international license is a must. Lest of an accident, simply remain at the site until local traffic police arrives to clear things up in a legal way.

  1. Photography Constraints

There’re a few restrictions when taking photographs in Dubai, especially if a specific individual is the subject. Never punch the camera button without asking permission from whomever you’re taking the picture of as it’s an invasion to privacy. There’s no restriction of photography in major tourist spots like outside Burj Khalifa, sandy beaches or city skyline. As it’s an era of civil unrest, take special care or simply avoid picturing government official buildings, military installations, airports, docking area and similar others.

  1. The Alcoholic Factor

Though alcohol isn’t banned in Dubai, it’s strictly prohibited to consume in public places. You can purchase not more than four bottles at a time from specified Duty free shops. All Dubai residents must’ve an alcohol license when purchasing else illegally consumption and driving in drunken situation will definitely get you behind bars. Restaurants do have hard drinks but avoiding them is far better.

  1. Drugs & Medication

Like everywhere, consumption and trafficking of drugs is a cue to get you in jail for a far longer period as to the trip. Medicines which are legal in your country might be considered as other way around in Dubai so check foreign drug regulations. Get approval from your physician and have it scrutinized by overseas travel agent for clearance.

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  1. Currency Exchange

When transferring local currency to Dubai or wish to conduct a transaction within the city, do so in UAE Dirham. If you’ve just arrived in UAE carrying local currency, visit the nearest money exchange firm or a local bank which you think is capable to help you out. While staying in hotel, ask customer management service who’ll definitely provide valuable guidelines!


Whenever traveling abroad, get yourself familiar with foreign laws and regulations to avoid trouble. Hence, do read the facts aforementioned when planning a trip to Dubai. Stay safe!

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