Show Off Your Individuality with Personalized Number Plates

The use of personalized number plates for cars have grown popularity in recent years. People use it to show off their individuality, their thoughts etc. It is also considered as a status symbol that represents success of a person. The car number plates are basically a set of numbers and alphabets allotted to each car registered in the name of the car owner to keep a track on it. Therefore, these are commonly issued in boring black and white colours that doesn’t suit the look of a new expensive car. But, many people nowadays love to play with the number plate and add their own flavours to it’s design and look.

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Different people have different definitions of a personalized number plate. Some use it to enhance the look of their car number plate, some likes to put the initials of their name and want to flaunt their success. It is an cost effective way to express yourself in fun way and

These personalized number plates are also commonly known as Show Plates as many people use it to show off their individuality and credibility to others. If you already have a design in your mind, then you can easily get started with designing your own unique and designer plates. Below are some quick steps to get a designer Show Plates at your doorstep without any hassles.

Steps to get a Show plate at your doorstep.

1.) Registration : Registering your vehicle under government agencies is important. Get the vehicle registered in the name of the car owner and get a combination of unique numbers for your car. Those doing for the first must visit the office in person to get the registration done.

2.) Application : Fill separate application form for a personalized number plate for each vehicle.

3.) Select a design : You can select upto three unique designs for your personalized number plate and fill in your choices in the form provided.

4.) Payment : Pay through your credit card or debit card and get the delivery done at your doorstep.

Some important points to keep in mind while ordering a Show plate:

  • One can use upto 7 characters (combination of numbers and letters) on a personal or non-commercial vehicle.
  • Spaces are also included in the total number of characters allowed per number plate.
  • Avoid using any symbols such as commas, dashes, or exclamation points when creating a personalized plate.
  • Do not use any profane, offensive or defamatory remarks. These kind of show plates are rejected.
  • To use a registered trademark on a personalized number plate must include written permission to use the trademark.

Show plates are not only used for beautification and identification purpose, but can also be considered as a great investment option. However, one needs to take of certain issues while buying a number plate for future sale purpose. One should be aware of the high sale period for the plates as the market is prone to fluctuation and volatility like other investment opportunities.

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