Sightseeing Destination of Versatile Barcelona

When it comes to travelling, Barcelona is one of the most popular destinations among millions of tourists. It makes sense as favorable weather conditions, easy access, attractive beaches, surrounding recognizable mountains, tasty local cuisine and buzzing nightlife make it a quite attractive sight-seeing wonderland; not to forget Barcelona is steeped in culture and history. So it’s a great idea to go on a tour there as the city has to offer something to everyone.

Barcelona - Sightseeing Destination of Versatile Barcelona

Arrival and Accommodation
You have to fly to Barcelona Airport which is located 16 kms south of the city. From there, there are various public transport facilities such as trains, cars, buses, boats, etc. to roam around. You can book a room in a hostel to stay at a very cheap rate.

Top Attractions of the City
1. Sagrada Familia– This large and intricate basilica constructed in 1882 designed by Antoni Gaudy attracts nearly 2.8 million visitors each year. The glorious interior and exterior of the church captivates people with the design elements and the religious symbolism.

2. La Rambla– Probably the city’s most famous street, this is actually a series of several different streets. It’s a busy place with high activity. People can find street musicians, lots of cozy bars and restaurants, and the amazing Boqueria Market here.

Casa Mila Barcelona - Sightseeing Destination of Versatile Barcelona

3. Casa Mila– Built between 1906 and 1910, this colorful building probably is the most eccentric artistic work of Antoni Gaudy.

4. Barceloneta– It is most popular among Barcelona’s seven beaches. Stretching along 4.5 kms of coastline, this sandy beach is popular with joggers and cyclists.

5. Parc Guell– One of Antoni Gaudi’s most celebrated works, this area originally was meant to be a residential property. It is home to the famous Salamander sculpture.

Casa Batllo Barcelona - Sightseeing Destination of Versatile Barcelona

6. Casa Batllo– This remodeled nineteenth century building is stunning with its unique architecture and ornamental pillars. Its interior and exterior are extraordinary, quite fairytale-like.

7. Font Magica– This wonderful fountain, constructed in 1929, attracts visitors with the spectacular display of lights, music and water with a beautiful background.

8. Museu Picasso– Tour to this museum will help to understand the 20th century Spanish artist Pablo Picasso’s relationship with Barcelona from his youth to his death. It houses the most extensive collection of artworks of Picasso with over 4000 paintings of him.

Montjuic Barcelona - Sightseeing Destination of Versatile Barcelona

9. Montjuic– It is a broad shallow hill with a majestic building in Neo-Baroque style that is home to the MNAC.

10. Camp Nou– One of the most popular attractions, this stadium with a capacity of 99,000 people is home to the formidable football champions F.C. Barcelona.

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