Simferopol, the Capital of Crimea

Apart from being a well-known place among the historians, the capital of the city of Crimea known as Simferopol has a line of very important administrative houses as well like:

  • The parliament
  • The Council of Ministers
  • The SimferopolskyiRaion

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Thus being the junction of a lot of political bodies, this place has a lot of reason to have a look into. Basically the city is divided into three major districts (Raion), they areZaliznychnyi, Tsentralnyi, and Kyivskyi, and apart from that also includes four urban settlements and one village known as the Bitumne, and the name of the urban settlements are Ahrarne, Aeroflotskyi, Hriesivskyi, Komsomolske.

Being the capital city, this place has to have a very fluent mode of transport, which is also why this city is sort after by a lot of tourists as well. Apart from having its main railway station, it is also well connected with the help of the International Airport which was built in the year of 1936. Not only that but this place also has an option in case you wish to travel by road which can be done with the help of main bus stations. The Simferopol’s transport is also famous due to the fact that Crimean Trolleybus which connects the city to Yalta which is located on the Black Sea coast is the longest line for trolleybus in the world and boasts of a total length of 86 kilometres.

You would also be surprised to know that in 1991 which is the time when the Soviet Union collapsed, it was,com_lodg/Itemid,51/act,cat/task,showCE/id,1/, which became the capital of the city of Crimea which was newly the now independent Ukraine. As of today the city’s population consists of Russians, Ukrainians and Crimean Tatar who are in the minority in this city. It is said about the Crimean Tatars that after the independence there were colonies constructed for the Crimean Tatars, and in fact many came into the city to find a permanent accommodation, now that they were free, as compared to the many who had left the place during the time of their exile.This is the major big reason of the conflict within the city between the now residents and the returning ones for the ownership of the land.

If knowledge regarding the administration of the city is not a very good reason for you to be in the city, there can be a lot of other reason why you would otherwise wish to stay in this place for a while starting from the pubs to the cafes to the restaurants and the disco bars, the choice just gets bigger and better in this city of the ancients. If you enjoy pubbing and clubbing you can visit few of the best in this city, for example the Celtic pub which not only has celtic music to soothe your eardrums, but also a fireplace right in the middle of the pub. There is also the pub called the Suslic Pub which is owned by a numismatic owner, so on the walls of this pub you can see lot of rare coins.

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