Six Awesome and Helpful Apps to Use for Your Next Road Trip Adventure

If you’re planning a road trip, it’s best to go prepared with plenty helpful applications on your smart phone. Apps can help you find local places to stop for cheap gas, help you estimate costs and get you out of sticky situations on the road. There’s an app for everything travel related, and these are just a few of the best ones out there.

Best Road Trip Apps - Six Awesome and Helpful Apps to Use for Your Next Road Trip Adventure


Waze is a user-managed application that features a GPS. It’s used a lot like a game. You earn points for completing certain tasks with the application open. Driving a certain amount of times per week gives you points, reporting hazards gives you points and you can even talk with other “Wazers” while on the road. Keep in mind this application should only be used by a passenger. It even tells you where there may be police activity based on user reports.


No road trip would be complete without Pandora. If you have unlimited bandwidth and Pandore One, you will be set for tunes the entire ride. It’s impossible to run out of options as long as you have a way to connect Pandora to the sound system in your car.


This classic website is now available in an application for your phone. It helps you locate the cheapest gas on your route to keep your travel costs as low as possible. You can’t go wrong if you have this app installed.

Hotel Tonight

If you are on a long trip, then you need to know where you can get a cheap hotel quickly. Hotel Tonight does just that. You can snag great deals on local hotels in major cities. Smaller towns won’t leave you as lucky, but you can save a lot on travel costs by using this app instead of traditional methods. It’s better to leave room for spontaneity.


This iPhone mileage app is one of the best for tracking your mileage along your trip. It gives you the cheapest and shortest distances between locations for a trip you will certainly never forget. The app includes maps and even has an expense tracker that tracks the cost of restaurants and other stops you make.


Every road trip needs a little entertainment. Mad Libs allows you to enter adverbs, verbs, nouns and adjectives for silly fun on the road. You will never be bored on a long drive again.

Never take a trip without these applications. They will improve your experience, give you something to entertain yourself with and save you money along the way.

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