Six Backpack Travel Destinations In Europe

Traveling to Europe seems to be a financially discouraging but with the help of proper planning and adequate research work the travel can cost much lesser and become affordable.

Consider spending your vacation in these cities in Europe with low cost:-

Berlin Germany - Six Backpack Travel Destinations In Europe

Berlin in Germany:

Plan to spend your first week in Berlin. Miserable economy of this city has made it a cheap and budget friendly city to visit. Prices in Berlin are much lower when compared to other  European cities. Travelers to this place can stroll around the town, and get hold of the food on street side which is offered at dirt cheap rates. There are many lush green parks where you can spend your leisurely hours.

Prague Czech Republic - Six Backpack Travel Destinations In Europe

Prague in Czech Republic:

For the second week you can make a trip to another cheap travel destination in Czech Republic and that is Prague. Prague is also called city of hundred spires. Architecture of this place is worth admiring and which are open to public absolutely free of cost. There are many notable museums where the visitors have to pay a very nominal entry fee.

Amsterdam - Six Backpack Travel Destinations In Europe

Amsterdam in Netherlands:

Make it a point to visit Amsterdam when you are in Europe. You can plan to spend your third week in Amsterdam. Although there are other cities in  Europe which costs lesser to live in but this place is one of the best cheap travel destination in  Europe. You can take a view of the city in cheap rates. The place is known as City for Biking. For having a view at Amsterdam, you can rent a bike which will cost you a couple of Euros a day only.

Bruges Belgium - Six Backpack Travel Destinations In Europe

Bruges in Belgium:

Bruges is one of the top most and sought after travel destinations in Europe. It is one of the cheapest travel destinations. So, you can plan to spend your fourth week here. Visitors sometimes complain of high prices on the goods available in Bruges. However, if visitors prefer to be Belgian commodities they do not have to spend much. There are many things like chocolates, beer, Belgian Frites etc which are available in the city at cost effective rates.

Madrid Spain - Six Backpack Travel Destinations In Europe

Madrid in Spain:

For the fifth week of your vacations chose Madrid in Spain to live in. The city is famous for its age old heritage. The city is friendly to your pocket and there are many museums and architecture that can be visited absolutely free of cost. It is one of the cheapest  European cities and visitors to this city can indulge in lot of outdoor activities. When you have planned to spend a week of vacation here do not forge to visit El Rasto flea market.

Warsaw Poland - Six Backpack Travel Destinations In Europe


Poland is another cheap travel destination in Europe. Travelers on economy travel package can consider spending their sixth and the ultimate week in Poland. There are interesting places to see in Poland at affordable prices.

Those who are on vacations and plan to spend their holidays can visit to the budget friendly places in  Europe and spend their time there. So, as a first step to plan a budget trip to Europe first give application for passport get hold of passport and consider spending your vacations in these cheap cities in  Europe.

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