Six Essential Accessories Business Travelers Always Forget

Fortunate is the business traveler who loves both the business and the travel. Many find the travel part to be an endless drudge of long miles, long hours, long waits, impersonal hotels and general frustration. It gets worse because, as humans, we forget stuff, wasting precious time and causing an anxious reaction on whether to scramble for a substitute or do without. Whether we drive or fly, whether the trip is one day or many weeks, everyone has some sad experience around forgetting an important accessory. Here are some examples many of us can easily identify with:

A Business Traveler

1) Cash

That’s right, plain old green money still has its uses, from taxi rides to tips to gifts to emergency peace of mind. Credit cards are a great tool, but they can’t pay for every need. If you must have cash, finding an ATM on the road can be tricky, plus the extra fees nibble at both your time and your bank balance.

2) Credit Cards

If the one you brought is lost, stolen, declined or fails for any reason, what happens next? Do you panhandle? Call home for a replacement and wait? Rather than face these unpleasant scenarios, keeping an extra one in a safe place should not be forgotten.

3) Power Supplies

Cell phones, computers, and the like are essential tools for you to be able to handle your business while away from home. Don’t battle against the ticking clock of fading batteries because you forgot the charger.

4) Clothes

One per day of every item does not always cut it. An accident, bad weather or an extended stay can cause anyone to run out of clean clothes. Socks and underwear are most embarrassing, but that dress shirt with a mustard stain will need a quick replacement, too. Try going to that important early morning meeting wearing yesterday’s clothes. You get the idea.

5) Personal Care Items

It is so handy to keep your common bathroom needs in a convenient pouch, and so awkward if something is missing. The missing item could be deodorant, ladies tampons, mens shaving accessories or, most likely, the one item you need at the worst possible time.

6) Emergency Information

Nobody likes to expect the worst on a business trip, but unfortunately stuff does happen. A missing wallet contains credit cards that need to be canceled immediately. Family, police, co-workers, insurance companies or others may need to know quickly when something happens. Make a habit of keeping that emergency list handy.

Plan smartly and travel safely knowing everything has been taken care of.

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