Six Mexico Destinations You Should Consider For A Romantic Getaway

If you are thinking of traveling south of the border for a romantic getaway, there are several Mexico destinations that you can travel to with your love to get some much need rest and relaxation. Whether you want to visit an all-inclusive honeymoon resort or a secluded area that is quiet and private, there is a destination that will offer what you want and that you and your spouse will agree on in Mexico. Here are six great options and what make them great spots for romance:

Puerto Vallarta - Six Mexico Destinations You Should Consider For A Romantic Getaway

The Cosmopolitan Beach Area of Puerto Vallarta

What makes Puerto Vallarta such a sight to see is that it is nestled between Banderas Bay and the Sierra Madra Mountains. While it is not surrounded by beach, there is a very secluded beach area south of the bay that you can escape to if you want quiet or you want to eat fresh delicacies. Visit a gourmet restaurant, stay at an upscale resort, or converse with beach locals.

The Riviera Maya for Those Who Want Luxury

If a beach destination where you can sit at a white-sand beachfront while you sip on tequila is your idea of romance, the Riviera Maya offers unparalleled luxury. With more than 100 miles of beaches and bright blue waters, you can get the luxury you want without having to turn to a mega-resort area that is saturated with tourists like Cancun.

The Vibrant City of Merida

Merida, Mexico is often an overlooked destination because of all of the other tourist attractions that surround it. If you do not want your romantic vacation to involve weaving in and out of traffic on foot, there are plenty of upscale hotels and romantic resorts in Merida that will set the mood. Merida is vibrant and soaked in Mayan culture. If you are a culture vulture and value beauty, this is the destination for you.

A Laid-back Vacation in Sayulita

Not every couple enjoys luxury, tourism, or decadence. If your idea of romance is spending your time in a small fishing village where you can eat fresh foods, hike, and surf, the Sayulita is a great option. There are hilltop casitas that offer you the comforts of modern living but that require a mule trip, which makes for a unique experience where you are guaranteed your privacy.

Get Away From it All at Xcalak

If seclusion and simplicity sound romantic to you, you can get away from it all by visiting Xcalack which is on the Caribbean right before the Belize border. The setting offers you the ocean view you want from any direction and cooling breezes that keep you comfortable and relaxed. If you enjoy nature and really want to bond as honeymooners, Xcalak is free from the tourists and the crowds but does not compromise comfort.

A Host of Romantic Attractions in Cancun

Cancun is a very popular destination for couples who want to feel the warm Caribbean breeze while they drag their toes in the white sands. If you look at an aerial view of Cancun, it is exactly what you might have pictured in your mind when you imagined a romantic vacation world. What makes this the perfect place is that a majority of the resorts are just for adults or couples. Check out Olympus Tours for fun activities and things to see in the area.

Whether you want to lay out on a hammock and enjoy tropical drinks or you want to fish all day long, there is something for everyone in Mexico. Consider the popular destinations and the hideaways that no one knows about, and then make your choice as a couple.

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