Skills You Learn on a Ranch

You are never too old to stop learning new skills. In fact, in the professional world, failing to learn new things and adapt is surefire way to work yourself into irrelevancy. However, even outside of the professional world, we often find that we stop being fulfilled when we stop learning.

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Although some people might think that you need to go back to school to continue your education (not that this is a bad idea), there are places all around you where you can learn new things. If you are looking to get away for a bit, the life skills that you can learn on a ranch are run particularly deep, and can be applied to many facets of life. If you are on a perpetual quest to better yourself, and are looking for some new ideas, here are some skills that you can learn by working on a ranch for a little while…

Self reliance

On a ranch, the first thing that you need to know is that if you don’t do something, then it isn’t going to get done. This simple fact breeds a strong foundation in self reliance for people who have to work on ranches. Indeed, self reliance is the central pillar of everything that you do on a ranch (or a farm, or any sort of small-scale agricultural enterprise). The basis of this lifestyle is that you are depending on yourself to continue to get by. The roots of this mentality go back thousands of years, when failing to get work done could mean the difference between life and death.

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How to work with animals

Most of the primary chores on any ranch have to do with caring for the livestock that live there. Animals are the bread and butter of any functioning ranch. Because of this, learning to work with animals is a crucial skill that you will have to pick up on, if you are going to be useful in the slightest degree. This includes learning how to care for animals to keep them healthy, as well as learning how to approach and keep livestock calm and collected.

Even though these are important skills to have on a ranch, they can also extend far beyond the work you do there. Working with animals can help a person develop social skills, such as empathy. This can even help an individuals with their own emotional state of mind, as this article here explains.

How to maintain property

Ranches are usually isolated in the countryside. There isn’t much maintenance that gets out to them, in terms of infrastructure. Because of this, when nature takes its toll, things tend to get ruined from wear-and-tear. If you want property to stay nice and functional, then you have little choice but to maintain it yourself. Working on a ranch teaches you the value of putting work into maintaining what is yours, whether it’s fixing a fence or preventing a leaky roof.

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Being able to fix things around a home or work environment is a valuable skill that will follow you for the rest of your life. Ranch work helps instill a knowledge that can make you handy in a variety of situations.

How to adjust to nature

When you are living and working on a ranch, a lot of what you do is dependent on the whims of the elements. Nature has the capacity to make your life very easy, or very hard, when you are living on a ranch. The elements that nature brings have the capacity to destroy and wear away property over time. Because of this, learning to take care and maintain property in spite of the destructive elements is a key skill that can attribute to success on a ranch. A lot of this comes down to weather prevention on a ranch. For this reason, many ranches have taken to using powder coating on their equipment, rather than traditional paint, since it is much more resilient to wear-and-tear. Here is an article about the benefits of using powder coating on outdoor equipment.

Ranch Living - Skills You Learn on a Ranch

Opportunities for Ranch Living

If you’re interested in getting in touch with homestead living, there are tons of opportunities available. First of all, do a search for a dude ranch. There are tons of locations in the Western United States that will make you feel like you’re living in a John Wayne movie. These working resorts offer opportunities to brand cattle, ride horses through the desert, and make your own food, depending on the location. If you’re looking for an opportunity to work and save money on travel, you might look into WWOOFing, wherein you can travel abroad working on organic farms. If you’re more experienced, you might search on for professional job opportunities.

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