Some Cool and Unique Hotels in Cape Town

Cape Town is a small place which can make your summer vacation quite memorable. It offers wonderful hosting. Because it has different hotels which provide excellent luxurious environment. I had to prepare a research on these hotels, and fortunately my some close friend residing there. So he helped me a lot. And provided me full details about cool hotels of Cape Town. When I started to conduct research, I extremely desired to visit that hotels and luckily I got a chance to visit and completed my research.

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Lange Baan Houseboats:

One luxurious hotel was Lange Baan Houseboats which was located on the coast of Cape Town. This was quite large area which can easily accommodate 5-6 groups. If population is more than 6 groups, than they can hire the lower and upper halves of Nirvana. Boats are two in number and equipped with excellent facilities of dining and kitchen. Sleeping facilities were also quite luxurious and the charges were quite affordable.

Teniqua Treetops:

Teniqua Treetops is a best place to create memories with your loved ones. It would be the most favorite place for those visitors who are quite eco-conscious and love to live in traditional and trendy places. It serves as the best environment of woody forest. The interior and exterior is entirely made up of thick wood and there is a large canopy style outlook from the exterior side. We took lot of pictures and enjoyed the moments fully.

Kagga Kamma:

Kagga Kamma is the most visited and favorite hotel in Cape Town. I heard that people come from distant countries to stay and enjoy the environment. Its specialty is you can enjoy best sleep under the open sky and stars. Rooms are constructed in caves and caves are enlightened with yellow bulbs. There was a great scenic view. We immediately captured the pictures in cool caves and for making our research more authentic, I thought to convert photos on custom canvas prints. This is definitely great way to commemorate memories and strengthen the research process. One more specialty of the place was that 6000 years old paintings were hanged up to guide visitors about safari. The place was gorgeous and serves a lot to learn about wild life.

Grand Daddy Hotel:

Grand Daddy Hotel is literally a playful place for visitors. A person of Cape Town considers your trip incomplete if you will not visit this hotel. The special things about this place are that it is equipped with Airstream Trailers; their bodies are made up of Aluminum. There are seven trailers and each trailer is equipped with wonderful creative environment. Great artistic work can be viewed from top roofs to bottom. In summer, people also enjoy night concerts on their roof tops.

Daddy Longlegs Art Hotel:

Daddy longlegs Art hotel serves well place for art lovers. Its walls and floors were decorated with different artistic work. When we arrived in the hotel, I observed that these have rooms for people of specific interest. Like if you are interested in photography, you can avail the room that is equipped with photographic equipment’s. If you love singing, you can avail the room which has micks hanging from the ceiling. Similarly if you are painter your room is decorated with beautiful paintings, we observed lots of creative paintings. Our room was equipped with paintings and photos. There were lots of professional photo prints which were beautiful addition to enhance the beauty of room. Even the TV and decorative pieces were also installed in open box like shelves. Walls were dwelled with unique artistic work. Hence the overall environment was great and serves a lot to learn.

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