Some of the best beach front hotels in the world

Great hotels can make the stay more comfortable and enjoyable; there are many types of hotels in the world with different themes, locations, etc.  One can make the selection as per the choice and the purpose of the vacation. There are some hotels which are famous for their beach side views, one can relax the senses and can have a great time by going to such hotels. Here are some of the best beachfront hotels in the world:

Daytona Beach

  • Shelborne South Beach, Florida: This hotel has 200 luxurious rooms and suites with beach front views. The swimming pool makes the stay more enjoyable as it ends on the sand line. The services are great and every amenity offered is of high quality, one can have great time during the stay in this wonderful hotel.
  • Crusoe’s Retreat, Fiji: This intimate resort offers amazing beach views, the traditional huts are provided for the stay. They are fully equipped with all the luxurious amenities, even many fun activities like sea kayaking, bush hikes, snorkeling, beach volleyball, etc.
  • Napili Sunset Resort, Hawaii: This hotel offers double story buildings; one can book the floor as per the choice. Spa, gym and other recreational facilities are offered during the stay, during the winters, one can also get to spot dolphins and whales. Golden sands and the blue water make the stay worth and offer a lifetime experience.
  • Knossos Beach Bungalows & Suites, Greece: This hotel offers 120 white-washed mini villas with waterfront rooms and private sun decks. This makes the overall stay worth as the services offered are excellent and the views of the blue waters and white sand on the private beach are outstanding.
  • Castaways Resort & Spa, Australia: The beach is located right in front of the rooms; one can enjoy great views all the time during the stay. Fishing, diving, boating, kayaking, snorkeling, etc. can be done; the coral reef of the beach is mesmerizing. In the resort, all the luxurious facilities are provided for making the stay more relaxing Billige hotell oslo and enjoyable.
  • Island HoppInn, the Bahamas: With only four rooms and the private beach, this place is the best place to escape far away with the loved one from the hassle of daily life. The rooms are amazing and are well equipped with all the amenities, even the staff is great and offers all the services on time.
  • Al Cielo, Mexico: This hotel is popular for its amazing location, the beach font views from the rooms. The rooms are named as water, fire, earth and air, even the sunset villa is also popular among the families. Colorful hammocks are fitted in every private terrace from where the amazing views can be enjoyed while relaxing.

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