Stats of Greece- Diversity

Greece is a European country, persisting beautiful lands and perfect scenarios.

The population in Greece is round about 10.6 million (2004). Over 4 million of Greek citizens live abroad, including 2 millions in the USA.

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The Urban is: 57.7%the Rural is: 42%
the Population density: 77.8 citizens per square kilometer
Sex distribution: 49.2% males, and 50.8% females.
Life expectancy: 72.2 years (male), and 76.4 years (female)

Religious affiliations: out of all the Greek citizens, 97.6% are Greek Orthodox, 1.3% Muslims, 0.4% Roman Catholics, 0.1% Protestants, and 0.6% others, including Jewish. The Greek Orthodox Church is called the autocephalous, with their own constitution, united with the doctrine of the Holy Church in Constantinople, the Ecumenical Patriarch. In the Chaldiki Peninsula, which is located in the south east of Macedonia, is the famous Mount Athos, wherein lie some Greek Orthodox monasteries.

The Northeastern Thrace has large concentration of Muslims. In some of the Ionian and Aegean islands, significant numbers of Catholics live. Greece once had a quite large Jewish community, but it was nearly destroyed in World War II

the Greek language: the Greek language, with documented literature spanned over 3.5 centuries, is one of the most important possessions of the Greek citizens. The Modern Greek originated from the same idiom used by Homer. The Greek language is also the language of the bible. Quite notably, the Greek language has made enormous contributions to the world’s languages, especially the western ones.

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Nowadays, the Modern Greek people speak Modern Greek, one that has not been changed since the Classical period. Some Greek minorities speak Romany, Vlach, or Turkish.Greece is united with diversity, so many religions and cultures and past history.Consisting of beautiful islands, and yacht charter Greece. It is a wonderful experience to be in Greece and enjoy all this.

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