Steps for Planning a Luxury Ski Holiday to Meribel

While the world is full of great mountainside destinations, none is quite as beautiful and accessible as Meribel in the Three Valleys area. This exciting village is nestled between some of the most majestic peaks in France and plays home to some truly luxury resorts and chalets. If you wish to visit this region and enjoy some of the best skiing in Europe, there will be a few considerations to make. Here is a step-by-step guide that goes over exactly what you need to do in order to plan the perfect ski trip.

Cable to Ski

Create a Holiday Budget

Before you confirm anything, it’s important to work out precisely how much money you have available. Since you’re planning a luxury vacation, this is even more vital as you won’t want your costs to go spiralling out of control. Take a look at the income and expenses you have and work out how much you can put towards your holiday each month. Next, settle on a date of your departure and you should be able to figure out the total amount you can save to pay for everything needed for your upcoming skiing adventure in the Three Valleys.

Form an Itinerary

Next, you will have to write out where you are staying and how long you will be there. If you have a short break planned, you might simply stay in Meribel for the entire time. In this way, you can enjoy the nearby ski runs without having to rush off somewhere else.

If you are planning a longer ski holiday though, you might also wish to visit other areas such as Courchevel which are nearby. Thus, you’ll need to work out how long you plan on visiting each region and then create an itinerary which fits in with your requirements.

Look for Accommodation

It will now be time to look for somewhere to stay. Since you’re aiming for a luxury holiday in Meribel, we recommend browsing the private mountain accommodation at chalet companies such as These ensuite villas come with a variety of extras to make your holiday even more special. These include:

  • Breakfast, lunch and dinner
  • Complementary lift passes
  • Swimming pools and sauna
  • Complete home theatre systems

With all of these luxuries in your chalet, you’ll feel even more at home. This will ensure that you enjoy your time at the Three Valleys a whole lot while you are there.

Luxury Ski Chalets

Arrange Your Transportation

The next step will be to work out how you are going to reach your Meribel chalet. This will involve two steps, each as important as the other:

  • Book your flights to and from the nearest airport, Chambery, or one of the many others found nearby
  • Arrange for an airport transfer to take you directly to your chalet once you arrive and collect your bags

Another option is to rent your own car and drive to the Three Valleys yourself. This can be a great way to see the scenery although you will have to be careful on the winter roads.

Research Restaurants and Bars

Although your luxury chalet will provide its own food, you may want to spend time wining and dining in the village itself. Fortunately, Meribel has a wide range of excellent restaurants, bars and nightclubs so you’ll have plenty to do after dark. You’ll want to research what’s available so you have an excellent idea of where to go to grab a bite to eat and something to drink that suits your tastes, style and budget. You should also find out what’s to eat during the day when you take a break for lunch after a hectic morning tearing up the slopes.

Buy the Right Gear

If you want to be really comfortable while skiing, we recommend purchasing your own clothing and equipment. Rental gear is generally “one size fits all” type stuff, so you will want something more tailored to your body shape and preferences. This means you should shop for:

  • Ski jacket
  • Waterproof pants
  • Gloves
  • Goggles
  • Thermals
  • Ski boots

You can even purchase your own set of skis if you really want the best of the best while on the slopes. What you buy though will depend on the budget that you have plus the amount you want to spend on clothes.

balcony of Chalet Genepi

Pay for Skiing Lessons

If you’re new to the skiing world, you should definitely pay for lessons from one of Meribel’s qualified instructors. These professionals will help you get the most out of your time on the slopes, giving you plenty of tips when it comes to your technique, stance and more. With the right support, you’ll be tearing up that powder in no time without having to worry about falling over too much and damaging your newly-purchased ski gear! These instructors can even come directly to your chalet to teach you, especially if you have chosen one nearby to the ski runs.

Set Off for Adventure

Finally, it will be time for you to confirm everything and then depart for your luxury skiing holiday. You’ll have the time of your life and will be well taken care of thanks to your choice in accommodation, transportation and restaurants. Meribel is a simply amazing place thanks to its beautiful landscapes and world-class runs. Head off to the airport and fly out to the French Alps where you will get to experience some of the best mountainside scenery that Europe has to offer. With Meribel, the twin goals of luxury and excitement definitely go hand in hand.

By following these steps, you will then be able to plan the perfect mountainside adventure combining some of the best ski runs in Europe with a luxury alpine chalet and some excellent wining and dining while there. Actually organising your next ski holiday isn’t too difficult as you can see. There should therefore be no reason why you should worry about your future trip itinerary and whether or not you will get the most out of your next visit to a ski resort like Meribel.

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