Supporting Connectivity – the UAE 2020 World Expo Bid

With the global community ever interconnected by economic, social and industrial challenges, the need for collaborative thinking is vital. Individuals, organisations and nations are being forced to rethink how they tackle world issues and it is no longer a viable option to approach international issues alone. Real world advancements can only be achieved by working together. Now is your chance to support the idea of global connectivity, as the UAE 2020 Expo bid has been announced and is encouraging forward-thinkers young and old to support the theme: ‘Connecting Minds, Creating the Future’. The 2020 bid is the first Word Expo bid to come out of the country, and if successful would see the event hosted in the MENASA region for the first time ever.

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Whether tackling multinational tensions, global financial difficulties or sustainable energy solutions – no country can make the impact needn’t if approaching these issues alone. It is only when communities come together that the real difference can be seen; the Dubai 2020 World Expo will provide an excellent platform to start forming partnerships which can achieve this. The Vice President and Prime Minister of the UAE, and Ruler of Dubai, His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, explains: “Connected thinking is the best hope for progress and for successful and peaceful existence in the generations to come.”

There are three further subthemes which the UAE World Expo bid hopes to explore:
Mobility –looking at how better systems of logistics and transportation will advance the connection of services and people across the globe.

Sustainability – focussing on the way in which water and energy can be sourced, delivered and consumed more intelligently in an attempt to protect future availability.
Opportunity – exploring new avenues for economic development worldwide in the aftermath of the financial crisis.

The World Expo will feature hundreds of exhibitors looking at these issues and sharing potentially ground breaking innovations for the future. It is the equivalent of the Olympics in technology, culture and scientific development and discussion. The event will run for six months and see millions of visitors from across the globe walk through the many pavilions and exhibit stands. The UAE have chosen the Dubai Trade Center as its venue, with many logistical advantages obvious. It is located equidistant to both Dubai and Abu Dhabi city centres with over 80,000 hotels rooms available in Dubai alone.

Already supporting the UAE World Expo 2020 bid are global icons such as Bill Gates and Bill Clinton, yet it is the general public that the UAE will really be looking to encourage. If you believe in the Dubai World Expo cause make sure you share your support online by visiting the official Expo 2020 Dubai website where you can find out more. Get involved and support connectivity today!

The UAE Dubai Expo 2020 bid promotes connectivity and global progress with the theme ‘Connecting Minds, Creating the Future’. The UAE are up against World 2020 Expo bids from Thailand, Turkey, Brazil and Russia.

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