Surat – The Diamond City of the World & a Major city in Gujarat

Surat is a significant port city in the state of Gujarat. However, today the city is primarily recognized as a leading IT city which also houses a large silk and diamond industry. Meanwhile, the city is also a perfect holiday destination housing a plethora of attractions and good Surat hotels.

Surat, India

Surat is an up and coming city of India. Located in the western state of Gujarat, the city lies within the territory of district that share the same name that is Surat. It is one of the most significant cities in the state and is a major source from where the state earns its revenue. The city is situated in the southern Gujarat region and is geographically located on the coast of the state. There are records that the city once housed a large port which was a prime trading point in the International Sea Trade Route.

However, at present the city is primarily recognized for its Information Technology based industries, the Silk Industry, and the Diamond Polishing Industry. The city is already home to a mass of industries and companies, and is still seeing the establishment of several more. Today being home to a population of about 4.6 million the city is the second largest city in the parent state and also ranks eighth in the list of the largest cities in India.

Presently, Surat is abundantly equipped with every requisite parameter of modernization. Excellent transportation, all major operating banks and financial institutions, large and profitable companies, MNCs and BPOs etc. fill the city. The city records a high GDP, which amongst the highest recorded GDP of a few other cities in India. The city is the first Smart IT City of India, with a recorded population of over 2.97 million who are intensive users of the internet. The city is simply one of the cleanest cities in India, and also has low crime rates, which make it one of the best cities to live-in. Meanwhile, the city also has growing real estate industry, as it is becoming one of the most preferred cities to build/buy a home or establish a business. Meanwhile, the good thing is that the city is interestingly affordable even for middle class men.

The Surat railway station is an important railhead in the Western Railway network, and has multiple trains from all across India stopping at the railhead. Morarji Desai Domestic Airport or the Surat Airport as it is often called is a state-of-art airport located about 11km south-west from Surat city. The airport is served by frequent Surat to Delhi flights and Surat to Mumbai flights. Additionally, the National Highway 8 connects the city to all the cities within the state and the neighboring states.

Surat, on the tourism aspect is also pretty prominent. It is one of the most popular tourist destinations in western India. Bestowed by great past and some of the most magnificent old monuments, the city is a bliss to the history buffs. Additionally, the allures and the pleasures of modern Surat are the attractions that simply bewitch one to visit the city. A couple of most well-known attractions of the city that are worth checking include: Tithal Beach, Swaminarayan temple, Dumas Beach,Vansda National Park, Hazira Beach, Sardar Patel Museum and Planetarium, Dutch Garden, Gaurav Path, Bardoli, Dandi, Chappati, Ukai, Ubharat, Ambika Niketan Temple, and Chintamani Jain Temple. All the popular attractions of the city are easy to access. Additionally, there also exist a number of good hotels in Surat that are located in close proximity to the prime tourist sites.

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