Surfers Paradise- Australia’s iconic tourist destination

Surfers Paradise (called “Surfers” by Australians) is Australia’s Miami. It’s a beautiful place, famous for its beaches, its lifestyle and with a well-deserved reputation for luxury. Surfers Paradise accommodation is one of the long-established benchmark standards for tourist accommodation in Australia. That’s not easy, because Australians, when on holiday in Australia, are very choosey about where they stay and how much they pay.

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Surfers also has another issue- Competition from the rest of Queensland’s ferociously competitive tourist accommodation market. This is a multi billion dollar industry, and everybody plays to win. There’s no “time out” in this industry. The Queensland tourist market is active all year round, and to get market share, you have to deliver top quality and good, competitive prices all the time.

Despite this, Surfers has remained one of the most popular of all Australian tourist destinations for decades. Just about everyone in Australia has been to Surfers at least once. Surfers has grown a lot in that time, but largely kept its character and adapted to a changing world tourist market quickly and well.

Surfers Paradise- Facilities and amenities
The main reason for Surfers being so successful is something that rarely gets acknowledged. It’s a very well organized place, a beach resort with good space management. When you arrive in Surfers, the first thing that becomes obvious is how easy it is to get around and do everything you want to do.

Ironically, the typical Queensland development cycle was the ideal mechanism for Surfers to remain viable even against the toughest tourist destination competition on Earth. There are more 4 and 5 star resorts and hotels in Queensland than practically any equivalent area in the world.

Surfers started its modern life as a tourist destination as a strip of beach with towers on the water. Development moved inland, but maintained the good basic structure. Unlike Australia’s big coastal cities, this development didn’t produce an urban jungle but a very good, practical layout.

The straightforward beach strip structure was retained and developed, and the result was a sensible, no-nonsense shopping area full of every top retailer, combined with good access for the locals and a large, high quality residential zone extending back from the beach.

Surfers has a very healthy combination of just about anything you could possibly ever wish to see in a tourist destination:

  • Water sports
  • Casinos
  • Top quality accommodation
  • The great Queensland lifestyle
  • Fishing
  • Scuba diving

All that’s just a short walk or drive away from a luxury apartment. Surfers can beat any beachfront resort for quality and convenience. Even Miami, the nearest equivalent, isn’t really in the same league for amenities.

Surfers Paradise apartments live up to their reputation. They’re modern, clean, and you have more services on tap than you’d think possible. Some aren’t cheap, but all are within market bandwidth prices, and they’re good deals on that basis.

If you want a great Australian holiday in a very well run resort, start with Surfers Paradise. You’ll see why the rest of Queensland tries so hard to compete.

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