Surprisingly Affordable Family Trips you can Find Close to Home

One reason many families decide not to take vacations every year is the expense. While it is true that some trips can cost a small fortune and require time to save up, there are several surprisingly affordable family trips you can find closer to home. Take a look at these ideas and get your family out and on the road more often!

Yosemite National Park California - Surprisingly Affordable Family Trips you can Find Close to Home

Enjoy the Wonders of Nature

No matter where you may live in the United States, odds are good there is a national or state park within a day’s drive of your home. These parks are very affordable and offer a range of different activities, including hiking, camping, fishing, boating, and other outdoor sports. Many contain natural and/or historic wonders that can be explored and seen firsthand for much less than the cost of a single night in a hotel.

Explore the Past

History is fun to learn about in school, and can be made a lot more interesting by visiting some significant sights on your own. Historical sites of all kinds are scattered around the country. Many of these are actual battlefields from the revolutionary, civil, or Indian wars. Or perhaps it’s an old railroad or mining town or camp. Find something you or your kids are interested in, and take a trip to see history up close.

Museums are another way to explore the past on a budget. For a low price of admission, view displays of artifacts from past cultures, or explore the natural world through fossils. Some museums offer displays of fine art created by past masters, or are devoted to science and discovery. These can prove most interesting to children and teens because they show the development stages of technologies we take for granted today.

Family Trip - Surprisingly Affordable Family Trips you can Find Close to Home

Just Have Fun

For families that don’t have children under the age of eighteen, can prove an interesting and affordable getaway. Of course, the trick is to establish a budget before entering and avoid spending more than anticipated. There is greater access to these establishments now than in the past and even kids can enjoy the resorts and buffets. Several Indian tribes also host on their reservations, placing this form of entertainment within range of almost everyone. Hotel rooms are also surprisingly affordable in these establishments because the owners make their money on the floors. Places like Viejas in California also have gourmet dining at their restaurants.

While a really nice vacation can prove expensive, there are several fun and affordable options within just a day’s drive of most Americans. Don’t miss out on a family vacation this year just because of budget. Use a little creativity and find somewhere you’ll all be interested in.

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