Tadoba Accommodation – Opening a Hotel can Bring Rich Dividends

Tadoba is a popular wildlife destination in India. It is renowned for its tiger reserve. However, if you are planning to spot tigers, summer is the best time to visit this place. From April till mid of June or early part of July are the best time to visit Tadoba for spotting tigers. However, if you are not interested in tigers, do visit the national park during the winter season. The months of December, January and February are the best time to visit Tadoba and feel the beauty. You will witness the rarest bird species during this time of the year. Also, be ready to witness rich and rare flora in this part of India. Those who love nature will find this place the perfect holiday destination. If you are planning to open a hotel or tourist resort in this part of India, chances of receiving bigger returns is always on the cards. Before opening your hotel, look at the accommodation options available in Tadoba.


Hotels availability

Earlier, there used to be only a few hotels available from private groups. They still exist. They are beautifully decorated, but come with a very high fee structure. At times, it can become difficult for the middle-class section of the society to afford such a luxurious stay. With the MTDC forest lodges and resorts available off late, scenarios have improved for the better. These government operated accommodation options are quite cheap, yet offer fine facilities for the travelers. Not only do these Tadoba hotels offer luxury, they also promise a safe stay at a calm and a quiet environment. Jungle Safari comes complimentary for those who stay in these hotels. The hotel management authorities also organize for exciting outdoor adventures and local sightseeing tours.

How you can make things profitable  

If you are planning to open a hotel at the heart of the Tadoba National Reserve, focus strongly on the amenities and luxury features. The rooms must be perfectly furnished. They must be well-equipped with LED TV, AC, working chair and desk, veranda seating, private courtyard entrance, geyser, western style toilet, etc. Also, your hotel must come with a multi-cuisine restaurant and a bar facility. The restaurant must serve both vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes. The staff must be courteous enough to treat the guests in the most generous manner. To make things more attractive, include swimming pool, playing zones, separate areas for couples and kids. These are little things that can make the accommodation option look luxurious and grand.


Offering discounts

Since you will be new to the market, give attractive booking offers to the travelers. Those who would be booking rooms in your hotel 3-4 months in advance will be given additional discounts on the room rents. These are great ways to attract tourists and make your hotel stand tall among its competitors.

Figuring out the location of the hotel is also necessary. While seeking permission from the Maharashtra Government and the Forest Department, seek their suggestion in regards to the plots that can be considered the safest and the best for opening family hotels. You can join hands with the MTDC too for better exposure and turnarounds.

The location definitely holds the key to success. If you can figure out an ideal location within the Tadoba National Park that offers scenic beauty with suitable safety from wild animals, your hotel business is definitely going to flourish.

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