Adventuress Africa – Harare & Lagos

Africa is a renowned tourist destination mostly because of the exposure to wildlife and the great safari experiences. However, little do we know that Africa does have a couple of highly advanced and developed cities such as Harare and Lagos. Harare – formerly known as Salisbury – is the capital of Zimbabwe and the seat of the government. It is the centre of Zimbabwe’s major activities and the source of its strength. Lagos is a Nigerian port city with the country’s highest concentration of population.

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There is a multitude of activities waiting for you in Harare, with different magnitudes, depending on your mood. If you’re in the mood for shopping; visit the Doon Estate Design Quarter, located in the Msasa Industrial area. This little shopping village is a must visit  for travelers hunting for good quality souvenirs, the collective of shops selling a range of locally handmade jewelry, furniture, fabric, arts & crafts, and sculpture. Don’t miss Ros Byrne’s beautiful handmade pottery, Kudhinda’s potato printed fabrics, the hot chocolate at Veldemeer’s chocolate shop, or the vervet monkeys running across the roofs. Continue reading “Adventuress Africa – Harare & Lagos”