Alaskan Wilderness – 5 Best Trails To Bike Up North

Alaska – the wild and untamed north. This state isn’t usually thought of as a great place for trail riding due to its remote location and extreme weather conditions, but these very features make it perfect for adventure. With some of the most breathtaking natural beauty to be found anywhere in the world, Alaska is the perfect place to go and get away from it all, just you, your dirt bike, and the rugged trails.

Bald Mountain 447x357 - Alaskan Wilderness - 5 Best Trails To Bike Up North

1. Bald Mountain Trail

This rugged, 22 mile trail is perfect for the rider seeking a varied and diverse area to ride. Set in the forests of Alaska, this trail is perfect for novices and amateurs seeking to gain a bit more experience before taking on more advanced trails. With 2700 feet of elevation climb, a rider isn’t likely to encounter anyone else on their ride. Starting from Solitude Street (that says a bit about how remote this area is), the trail takes nearly a full day to ride, as certain parts may be muddy and require caution. Continue reading “Alaskan Wilderness – 5 Best Trails To Bike Up North”