Rome: an open-air museum

Rome, a region rich in history is anybody’s tour destination be it during the hot summer or the cold winter as it presents excellent attraction features. Italy’s capital is a cosmopolitan city filled with nearly three thousand years of globally influential culture art as well as architecture, from the re-known Roman Empire and the home to the Roman Catholic Church headquarters to the most exciting Vatican Museums among many other features.

Colosseum - Rome: an open-air museum

The iconic Colosseum, the ancient Roman gladiatorial arena

You have probably imagined the gladiator wars; you can vividly picture how the wars were, the breathtaking shows and enthusiastic spectators cheering to the top of their breath. While visiting Rome, you get the chance to be on the pitch, feel the atmosphere creep in your veins as you travel back in time picturing yourself being among the gladiator event spectator or maybe even a gladiator, the excitement is simply incredible. The gladiator fights are not all the action Rome presents; animal fights are also impressive and breathtaking event you will enjoy. Continue reading “Rome: an open-air museum”