Spain: Travelling off the beaten track

Want to see a Spain that is different from touristic clichés? There are many tourists who would like to step out from the herd and do their own thing. And if you are one of them Spain is a great place to do so, the country being so picturesque and variegated.

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Photo: cabezadeturco

Spaniards are, in general, very warm and hospitable. They take immense pride in their village, suburb or locality and are likely to take the time to show off local beauty spots. Being passionate and expressive by nature, Spaniards also happen to be notoriously loud! Be it a football match or a Spanish fiesta the decibels can be quite disconcerting. You may draw comfort from the fact that you get accustomed to the noise level pretty fast and sometimes even participate in it. Continue reading “Spain: Travelling off the beaten track”