Hungry in Athens? 10 Delicious Foods to Try When You Visit Greece

Contemporary Greek cuisine makes use mostly of vegetables, olive oil, fish, grains, and some meat. Rabbit and beef are popular occurrences, while pork is not used as much. The local cheeses and olives also make up a big part of the diet, as well as yogurt, greens (horta), and herbs (oregano, rosemary).

Athens Greece - Hungry in Athens? 10 Delicious Foods to Try When You Visit Greece

The cuisine in Greece varies from region to region, and island to island. The country’s capital, Athens, is a vibrant city and this is certainly reflected in its definitely own unique cuisine. Here, locals usually skip breakfast – my ‘food guide’ in the city recently told me that the “standard” breakfast is usually coffee and a cigarette. Though lunch is also not treated as a big deal, dinners are regarded as the day’s main meal and are often enjoyed with family and friends. Continue reading “Hungry in Athens? 10 Delicious Foods to Try When You Visit Greece”

Greece- A Perfect Place to Celebrate your Honey Moon

Greece is no doubt a wonderful place to visit. The residents of Greece say that if you are newly married and preparing for your honey moon then definitely Greece would be an excellent choice you have. My close friend was residing in Greece so I thought to utilize the opportunity and planned a great trip to Greece with my partner. Its wide mountain ranges and ideal beach locations were breath taking to visit. And definitely one can never forget these picturesque views. So after some preparations we travelled towards Greece to celebrate our honey moon.

Santorini - Greece

Want Spectacular Views? Go for Santorini:

Santorini is a magical place having loads of picturesque views. Actually it was a volcanic island and it’s quite popular for dramatic sceneries. All houses were white washed and look completely uncluttered. Fira is a capital of Santorini. Actually it is thought as a marriage between Cycladic architecture and Venetian. We captured lots of photos in this spectacular place. The place looks extra ordinary awesome and romantic in night. The beautiful illumination in the city captivates the people from miles and invites them to enjoy more. The amazing part is its white cobble stone streets allow everyone to enjoy fully and momentous. Continue reading “Greece- A Perfect Place to Celebrate your Honey Moon”