4 Attractions To Visit in Belfast!

Belfast is located on the east coast of Ireland, near the river Lagan. Although, it is a large industrial city, which was formed only in the 19th century, it has many interesting attractions.

The city is well planned and it is very convenient to travel by car there. Any tourist who visits Belfast will love its peaceful atmosphere and its calm rhythm of life.

In this article, you will find short descriptions of the most visited attractions in Belfast. Continue reading “4 Attractions To Visit in Belfast!”

Attractions You Must Visit in Jerusalem

The ancient city of Jerusalem has a long and varied history. It has been captured, destroyed and attacked many times since its beginnings in 4,000 BC. Many religions consider it to be the holy city and is the center of the Jewish religion. There are many incredible sights and attractions that will leave you in awe, regardless of your faith. Some that are and absolute must-see on a trip to the holy land are described below.

Yod Vashem - Attractions You Must Visit in Jerusalem

Yad Vashem Holocaust Memorial
Outdoor monuments, gardens and a museum are just part of the largest memorial to the holocaust in the world. It sits on 45 acres of land all dedicated to remembering the atrocities that happened during World War II. Whether you are Jewish or not, you will be touched and emotionally moved. In the end, you will leave with a feeling of hope. Continue reading “Attractions You Must Visit in Jerusalem”