5 Ways to Enjoy Auckland Harbour

If you enjoy the sights, then Auckland Harbour is the place to be. Find out what it’s all about by fishing, taking a cruise, or just enjoying a picnic with family on the foreshore.

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Auckland Harbour, also known as Waitemata Harbour, is an open passage to the city of Auckland, and provides tourists as well as residents with numerous activities that are fun and life changing in its experience. If you enjoy being on the water or just like watching boats as they pass you by, the harbour will captivate you, and you will soon be coming back for more. For the tourist, there is so much to see and do, but like anything to do with the water, accidents can occur. It’s always recommended that you buy travel insurance before you depart for Auckland. When you arrive here, you will be amazed at all the activities the harbour has to offer. Continue reading “5 Ways to Enjoy Auckland Harbour”