Celebrating Australia’s Public Holidays

So, you’ve booked your tickets, bought your travel insurance and you’re ready to embark on that trip down under you’ve been dying to take. Australia is known the world over for it’s friendly, laid-back culture, and if you really want to experience Aussie culture at its best, you should get involved with the celebrations on one of the country’s (many) public holidays! Here, we’ve created a list of some of the more culturally significant Australian public holidays and how they’re typically celebrated!

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Photo: *vlad*

Australia Day

The 26th of January marks Australia Day, the anniversary of the arrival of the First Fleet, which held the European explorers and settlers who colonized Australia. Anyone who knows anything about colonisation will know that this wasn’t a good thing for the original inhabitants of this land, but the focus on Australia day these days is to embrace a spirit of unity and forward thinking among all Australians. Typically, Australia Day is celebrated nationwide with the great Aussie tradition of the backyard barbecue. Continue reading “Celebrating Australia’s Public Holidays”