5 Things You Shouldn’t Travel Without When Visiting Australia

Australia is a really fun country to travel in; there is so much to see in terms of natural beauty, so much to learn about Australian culture and history, and many adventures to be had. It is also a country that is like no other given it’s vast size, strange animals and intense climate, and so you really want to be prepared before you travel here. Whether you are coming for a short vacation or are spending a year travelling, here are a few things that you need to make sure you bring with you when you come.

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A Plan

Knowing where you want to go and what you want to see ahead of time will be very helpful when you arrive in a country as large and spacious as Australia. Since most Australians live right along the edges of the continent, efficiency is key when planning a direction to go as backtracking could cost you days of travel time. Knowing your style of travel will determine what you need to bring and how much money you will spend. Backpacking and travelling in a van are the cheapest ways to go, but if your stay is shorter, you may want to stay in hotels, B&B’s or serviced apartments. Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane are all very tourist-friendly cities, but will start eating into your budget if you aren’t careful. Continue reading “5 Things You Shouldn’t Travel Without When Visiting Australia”