The 4 Best US Hotels for Eco-Friendly Travel

Eco-friendly travel is becoming more consumer-friendly with each passing vacation. And thanks to a host of hotels built with sustainability in mind, finding low-impact rooms is easier than ever. We found four hotels leading the charge on environmentally conscious accommodations, great for veteran conservationists and newbies alike.

El Monte Sagrado - The 4 Best US Hotels for Eco-Friendly Travel

El Monte Sagrado Living Resort and Spa – Taos, NM

The natural beauty of the Rio Grande and the unique blend of Spanish, Anglo, and Native American cultures make Taos a favorite destination for artists and photographers. El Monte Sagrado resort was designed to provide luxury accommodations while employing sustainable materials and practices. The hotel sits on lush natural grounds, boasts an art gallery, and features a restaurant highlighting contemporary indigenous gastronomy. The spa even features treatments using all-natural and organic products made with native plants and flowers. Continue reading “The 4 Best US Hotels for Eco-Friendly Travel”