Dreaming of a Beach Wedding? Consider Rarotonga

Planning a wedding should be exciting, but it can often end up feeling like a stressful job; this is why many brides decide to get married abroad where they can hand most of the responsibilities over to a resort or wedding planner. Of course the other benefit of this is being able to head somewhere where the sun is much more likely to make an appearance, as well as having stunning views during the ceremony.

wedding on beach 447x298 - Dreaming of a Beach Wedding? Consider Rarotonga

There are many locations around the world that would be beautiful and perfect, but one place that doesn’t get nearly enough recognition is Rarotonga. This could actually work in your favour as you might find it easier to get the date you want for your big day! So what makes it a great destination, and where even is it? Continue reading “Dreaming of a Beach Wedding? Consider Rarotonga”