Top 10 US Travel Destinations for 2014

The United States of America is indeed one of the best places to live. But for those who are citizens of other countries, it is a highly desired travel destination. It might have a lot of things on offer such as natural beauty, technological wonders, world class infrastructure and much more but what allures more is the fact that it is the largest economy in the world. This fact generates a lot of curiosity among people of other countries who often wish to visit and witness the kind of land America actually is and how is it different from the rest of the world. Here are the top 10 US Travel destinations that can be planned for this year.

  1. Boston

This place is known for sports and it encourages more of it every year. The 2014 marks the end of wait for the 100th US Skating Championships and this is reason enough for many to visit this place. It is would be a huge marathon with over 35,000 runners expected to take part in it. This state is also well known for having a lot of past associated with it. The revolutionary founders of America, traces of Freedom trail and much more make it special in its own way. Continue reading “Top 10 US Travel Destinations for 2014”