Great Places to Eat in Brisbane, Australia

Brisbane is a bustling, busy metropolis, full of youth, life and attitude. At it’s very heart, however, is a mature dining scene, carefully nurtured by its residents throughout years of careful selection and experimentation. Over the last two decades, Brisbane has seen various restaurants try and fail to appease the well-honed appetites of its foodies, often arriving with a spicy, firework-lit bang and going out six months later with barely a whimper. The ones still standing are most definitely seen as achievers by the Brisbane bon vivants.

Brisbane - Great Places to Eat in Brisbane, Australia

We begin our mini tour with a spicy kick and sit down in the plush Lemon Chillies restaurant. To begin with the service is excellent with friendly smiles and helpful staff all round. However, you can’t eat customer service and your average Aussie wants to kick back with some good grub before the niceties begin, so here’s a brief low-down on the nosh at this top Brisbane spice house. The cuisine is traditional Thai, Indian and Nonya with all the best ingredients of each style richly evident in every mouthful of whatever you order. Nonya, which is a form of Oriental cooking is one of the specialties of Lemon Chillies and is a must for anyone with a palate that goes crazy for spicy and aromatic treats. Continue reading “Great Places to Eat in Brisbane, Australia”