Camping breaks in Brittany

Going camping is a great way to visit and explore a country, or a part of it at least. You can take the holiday at a pace that suits you and move when you feel like it or if the weather isn’t great where you are. Moving on a couple of hours in the car, you can find yourself in a totally different region with a different climate and different places to explore.

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Brittany in the north west corner of France is a great place to go camping, especially if you enjoy being near the coast. In Brittany, you’re never far from the sea, and its coastline makes up a quarter of the total length of France’s coastline. Even though you can travel from one end of the region to the other in a couple of hours, the terrain is varied and beautiful wherever you go. In the middle of the region, you’ll find rolling hills, forests and big freshwater lakes, and a heritage connected to the myths and legends of King Arthur. Continue reading “Camping breaks in Brittany”