Discover the Hidden Depths of Bulgaria

When considering where to travel on your next getaway, Bulgaria is not necessarily the first destination that springs to mind. Despite being ruled under the Ottoman Empire for five hundred years and subsequently enveloped by the Iron Curtain a further 40 years, in recent times, Bulgaria has emerged as a fantastic location to discover. If you fancy lazing on some stunning beaches, the black sea coast is the place to head to, but for those who seek more than a bit of sun, sea and sand, here are some ideas to whet your appetite.

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Travel to the Rhodope Mountains using car hire Bulgaria and you will find the breath-taking sight of Trigrad Gorge, close to the town of Trigrad. Explore Devil’s Throat Cave and gaze in awe at the highest underground waterfalls in Europe. Packed with over 150 caves to survey, make sure you allow plenty of time to truly enjoy this place. Continue reading “Discover the Hidden Depths of Bulgaria”

Bulgaria – Ski to Sun in 12 Months!

Bulgaria has both a vast and diverse landscape ranging from snow-capped peaks in the south to the Balkan Mountains in the centre and the coast of the Black Sea. Bulgaria truly offers something for everyone, with great value skiing resorts during the winter and fabulous beach resorts during the summer. We have put together a range of activities to keep you occupied in Bulgaria from January through to December.

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January is generally the start of skiing season in Bulgaria at the popular resorts such as Bansko, Borovets and Pamporovo. Continue reading “Bulgaria – Ski to Sun in 12 Months!”