5 Hudson Valley Hikes

The Hudson Valley in New York, which is less than two hours north of New York City, yet still not quite Upstate New York, is a gorgeous area with everything from artsy towns to a robust live music scene and endless options for hiking trails. If you’re in search of blossoming flowers, mountain tops, and views of rolling green, consider these Hudson Valley hiking spots.

Burger Hill 447x298 - 5 Hudson Valley Hikes
Image: flickr.com/photos/emj795

1. Burger Hill

The Burgers were a German Palatine family that relocated to the Hudson Valley in 1717. Today, Burger Hill is a free-to-use public park, protected by conservation group Scenic Hudson. Aside from hiking up the aforementioned Burger Hill, which offers gorgeous views of far-off mountains, you can also picnic, bird-watch, walk your dog, and even sled during the winter. When you make it to the top of Burger Hill, which only takes about 15 minutes, check out the flat slabs of stone that have sketches of the mountaintops you’re viewing. Continue reading “5 Hudson Valley Hikes”