Experience the Trip of a Lifetime at Byron Bay

When determining your next vacation spot, Byron Bay, New South Wales, Australia is definitely worth considering. Because of its beautiful location along the beach, its a hot spot for vacationers. As you read this article, you’ll learn more about Byron Bay and what makes it so attractive.

Byron Lighthouse 447x297 - Experience the Trip of a Lifetime at Byron Bay
Image: owlsandorchids.com

Cape Byron Lighthouse
One of the most popular landmarks associated with Byron Bay is the Cape Byron Lighthouse, the country’s most famous lighthouse. The Cape Byron Lighthouse is also known for its sleek, clean appearance. This lighthouse dates back to the early 1900’s and reaches nearly 75 feet. This lighthouse serves as perfect place for spotting wales and admiring the distant scenery. This lighthouse is also noted for the gorgeous surrounding scenery that can be easily viewed with the help of car hire when driving up the windy road leading to it. Hiking around this lighthouse and picnicking are common activities enjoyed here. Continue reading “Experience the Trip of a Lifetime at Byron Bay”