What To Pack For Your First Campervan Trip

If you’ve never been on a campervan trip before, you may wonder what it’s going to be like to sleep in your vehicle and enjoy a holiday on the open road. Many people hire a van first, and enjoy it so much that they then buy their own, enjoying many trips over the years. However, if you’re a first timer you’re probably just concerned with what to pack, and how to stay comfortable when staying in a smaller space. Here are some ideas of what you might need for your great adventure:

How Look Good While Camping - What To Pack For Your First Campervan Trip

What’s provided
If the vehicle is being rented, then equipment is often provided, or you can rent certain items for a small extra fee. Check with the person you’re hiring from. Remember to ask about items such as: Continue reading “What To Pack For Your First Campervan Trip”