Experience Cape Town through its Guesthouses

Many people considered Cape Town, the gateway to Africa, as the best city in the world. What started as a colony has developed into a modern city with highways, hotels, harbors, shopping centers, and an airport with all the conveniences of modern amenities!

Cape Town
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For the uninformed, Cape Town is not an obscure jungle or wilderness, but you will discover that it fuses the old and the new. You will find older buildings with facades that will rival those in Europe with new skyscrapers dotting the skyline. You can see amazing gardens that were established since 1652 to provide fresh vegetables to ships surrounding the Cape. Continue reading “Experience Cape Town through its Guesthouses”

Watch 2010 FIFA World Cup South Africa And Travel At Cape Town

Cape Town is a diverse city and is regarded as the melting point for various different cultures in Southern Africa. One would be hard pressed to find a reason not to fall in love with one of South Africa’s most iconic city, Cape Town. It has one of the most idyllic settings – nestled between the ocean and breath-taking mountains. The iconic Table Mountain rises 1,086 above the city and has served as a mariner’s landmark. On a clear day, the flat-topped mountain is visible 200km out to sea.

Cape Town South Africa
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Cape Town is not only the most popular international tourist destination in South Africa, but also one of Africa’s most popular international tourist destinations. This is due to its good climate, natural setting, and well-developed infrastructure. The city has several well-known natural features that attract tourists, most notably Table Mountain, which forms a large part of the Table Mountain National Park and is the back end of the City Bowl.
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