Simferopol, the Capital of Crimea

Apart from being a well-known place among the historians, the capital of the city of Crimea known as Simferopol has a line of very important administrative houses as well like:

  • The parliament
  • The Council of Ministers
  • The SimferopolskyiRaion

Swallows Nest 447x296 - Simferopol, the Capital of Crimea

Thus being the junction of a lot of political bodies, this place has a lot of reason to have a look into. Basically the city is divided into three major districts (Raion), they areZaliznychnyi, Tsentralnyi, and Kyivskyi, and apart from that also includes four urban settlements and one village known as the Bitumne, and the name of the urban settlements are Ahrarne, Aeroflotskyi, Hriesivskyi, Komsomolske. Continue reading “Simferopol, the Capital of Crimea”