Christmas Traditions in Europe

Christmas is, by far, the most celebrated holiday across the planet, at least in the modern world. The origins of this holiday and how it came to be are markedly different across the planet, with each culture having a different way that they celebrate the flagship of the holiday season. This is especially fascinating to observe in places like Europe, where each of the countries has a radically unique culture, despite each of their populations living so close together. For this reason, almost all countries in Europe have their own special traditions and ways to celebrate Christmas and the rest of the holiday season. Here’s a handful of fascinating countries that have their own ways to celebrate Christmas that are rooted deep in their culture…

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In traditional Greek, Christmas is referred to as Christougena. Similar to many countries in Europe, there are specific dates that enclose the holiday season and dictate how long people celebrate it. In Greece, this period extends from November 30th until January 6th (which is known in many countries as “Epiphany”). Many children walk around door-to-door on Christmas eve, much like they do on Halloween, except instead of collecting candy and goodies, they sing carols and spread good wishes. In Greece, presents are actually given on January 1st, in honor of St. Basil’s Day. Continue reading “Christmas Traditions in Europe”