Rome: an open-air museum

Rome, a region rich in history is anybody’s tour destination be it during the hot summer or the cold winter as it presents excellent attraction features. Italy’s capital is a cosmopolitan city filled with nearly three thousand years of globally influential culture art as well as architecture, from the re-known Roman Empire and the home to the Roman Catholic Church headquarters to the most exciting Vatican Museums among many other features.


The iconic Colosseum, the ancient Roman gladiatorial arena

You have probably imagined the gladiator wars; you can vividly picture how the wars were, the breathtaking shows and enthusiastic spectators cheering to the top of their breath. While visiting Rome, you get the chance to be on the pitch, feel the atmosphere creep in your veins as you travel back in time picturing yourself being among the gladiator event spectator or maybe even a gladiator, the excitement is simply incredible. The gladiator fights are not all the action Rome presents; animal fights are also impressive and breathtaking event you will enjoy. Continue reading “Rome: an open-air museum”

Explore The Sightseeing Locations of Rome

Rome is a place which is visited by many tourists throughout the year; it offers excellent locations which are full of amazing scenic beauty. Rome car rental services helps in exploring the different locations in an easy way. One can book these car services from the online sites, different packages are offered for providing the maximum benefits at reasonable rates. Here are some of the sightseeing locations which can be enjoyed by taking car on rent:


Colosseum: It is the most extraordinary monument of Rome, its place, size and the history makes it more amazing. It is known as the place where gladiators met in mortal combat, the prisoners use to fight off hungry lions. The place is amzing and a must to see. Continue reading “Explore The Sightseeing Locations of Rome”

Take a trip to Rome and let the centre of a historical empire blow you away

The history of man-kind is something that will never cease to amaze us. The way humanity evolved to reach where it stands today is an incredible development that unfortunately shed much blood. Despite the violence, the Roman Empire was an important period in the world’s history. Through solid communication, and effective use of technology the Romans helped to bring roads, laws, education and more to nations all around the globe – including Britain. Rome has been incredibly influential over both political and religious decisions since its rise as an Empire. Thanks to this it boasts nothing but astounding historical culture – maybe that’s why it’s the 11th most visited city in the world!

Photo: Giampaolo Macorig

Rome situates itself in the Lazio region of central Italy by the Tiber river. If the incredible history of war, struggle, and violence isn’t your cup of tea, maybe the cities climate will be. Rome enjoys a Mediterranean climate with the summer seasons often hosting temperatures exceeding 30 degrees – weather that will put a smile across the face of all sun lovers.
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