Top 7 Destinations for your Dream Holiday

You deserve it. After working hard all year and fighting your way through the dark, dreary winter, it is time to start making those plans. We all need a break. A time when the family can get away from it all and relax. But, where to go? There are so many kinds of vacation out there. Do you adhere to the same destination year after year? There is a lot to be said for a familiar holiday.


However for many it is the excitement of a new place every year that drives the imagination and releases that inner explorer. A great way to discover Amsterdam can be through a totally free, advised strolling visit that will start out from Dam Block daily. Check the periods when you reach one’s destination. Continue reading “Top 7 Destinations for your Dream Holiday”

Four Ways to Get a Dream Holiday for Free

A holiday is something that many people dream of, with far off places proving an irresistible lure and welcome break from the daily grind. Unfortunately, held back by budget constrictions, many have to skimp on their holidays and change their plans to suit their wallets. However, a dream holiday is by no means out of reach. Below are four ways in which enthusiastic travellers can get a dream holiday for free.


A great way to travel for free is to find a job that takes you abroad and allows you to work as you go. In particular, volunteer holidays are a fantastic way to see the world for free. Often located in undiscovered corners of the globe, volunteer positions are ideal for those looking for a chance to explore and experience something new. Whether it is helping underprivileged children in Tanzania or working on a farm in Australia, the holiday you can get in exchange for your work is worth every minute of your time!

Airmiles and Loyalty Points
For anyone flying on a regular basis with a particular airline, signing up to their airmiles scheme can reap great rewards in the long run. Adding up over time, customers can eventually exchange these miles for flights, getting their holiday transportation at no cost at all. Credit and loyalty cards can offer similar benefits, with everything from airmile points to hotel vouchers knocking down the cost of your holiday. As such, savvy spenders can find themselves with a holiday bill that is not just low cost but potentially no cost!

House Swapping
The cost of holiday accommodation can often be the biggest expense, with hotel bills dwarfing all other costs. Sidestep these costs by choosing to house swap instead. Quite literally, this is the temporary exchange of your house for the use of another in the area of your choosing. An increasingly popular choice, it is not only free but also convenient, especially for people with families. House swappers, rather than having to contend with empty apartments or constrictive hotel rooms, are able to step straight into a life that is already set up with all the conveniences of everyday life, but with every benefit of a holiday!

For people feeling lucky, what better way to try for that dream holiday than by entering a competition! Offering everything from romantic weekends away to once in a lifetime exotic vacations, there is a holiday to be had for everyone. With all expenses paid and even spending money thrown in as an extra bonus on occasion, to win a holiday is an opportunity to experience the best that is to be had in luxury breaks.

A holiday is something that everyone looks forward to. Even when the budget is tight, there are ways to get around this for a vacation to remember. The above four offer the most successful ways to have a holiday without paying a penny!

Author Bio:
Joan Masters is a seasoned travel writer, contributing on a regular basis to a wide variety of online magazines and websites. In particular, she specialises in holidays on a budget and is keen to let readers know how to win a holiday or travel on the cheap.