Egypt Holidays: Reminiscing Ancient Splendor

Egypt is full of tourist super sites, with its own flavor and purpose. While it is known for its wealth of monuments, these are not the only tourist drawer. The super-sites for tourists include Alexandria, Cairo, Luxor, Aswan, Hurghada, and Sharm El Sheikh.

Pyramids and the Sphinx - Egypt Holidays: Reminiscing Ancient Splendor

Among its monuments, the Pyramids and the Sphinx are great to see. Cairo has the best museums where you can see a fraction of Egyptian heritage. Luxor has great temples including Karnak and Hapshepsut, while Aswan has the temples of Abu Sembel. You will see the tomb of king Tutankhamun and his treasures, while Alexandria will remind you of its beautiful queen, Cleopatra. Continue reading “Egypt Holidays: Reminiscing Ancient Splendor”

Meet and Greet Egypt on a Nile Cruise Holiday

Take time to disembark on the shore of Egypt from your Nile cruise ship and meet some of the many Egyptians going about their everyday life. Most tourists who come back after having holidaying on a River Nile cruise are eager to tell everyone how welcoming the people of Egypt were to them, giving them cups of tea as they mingled amongst them.

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Photo: David Berkowitz

Languages of every country in the world can be hard to understand, however many of the Egyptians will stand near to you and discuss with their friends how to answer any question you may have asked them. Egyptians tend to gesture with their hands as they speak. It can be a little bewildering at first, and this is what makes the Egyptians a charming and welcoming host.
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