Exploring Colorado: A Comprehensive Guide

With a string of attractions, like cosmopolitan cities, welcoming towns, world-class national parks, natural hot springs, iconic gold mines etc— Colorado promises you a well-rounded family tour during your vacations. Frankly speaking, with such a wide array of activities- viz- nightlife, hiking, mountain biking, train rides, balloon ride etc to explore, it practically become a tad difficult for vacationers to plan their itinerary properly. However, even within that conspicuously short time, try and make it to, at least some of the special attractions mentioned below:

National Park

Pikes Peak (Pike National Forest): This, perhaps, can be counted as one of those destinations that can emphatically fit in your itinerary simply by the virtue of the breathtaking views it affords. Located around a few miles from the Manitou Springs, this peak reaches an astounding 14,110 feet. Head out for the annual car rally, beginning in July, after braving a difficult climb up. The Pike National Forest is now in charge of protecting the entire mountain range. Continue reading “Exploring Colorado: A Comprehensive Guide”