Cannibals in Fiji: Some Facts

While leisurely floating away on a Fiji cruise, you wouldn’t guess that some of the early inhabitants of the islands were cannibals. Now, it’s not really the kind of cannibalism you imagine from popular culture: early Fijians did not just eat anyone because they were hungry. Cannibalism was a ritual act deeply embedded in Fijian religion and customs. If you want to learn more (and we promise there aren’t gritty details), read on!

Photo: Travel With Olga

Cannibalism in the South Pacific

The South Pacific was known as a major cannibal territory, with Fiji especially, as it was nicknamed “the cannibal isles”. Groups of Melanesian origin were particularly prone to practice cannibalism, and there are even documented cases of flesh-markets in some isolated parts of Melanesian territory. Continue reading “Cannibals in Fiji: Some Facts”